Work in Silicon Valley, these are the requirements to be hired remotely

How to get hired by a Silicon Valley company. (photo: García Sayan Lawyers)

In the last two years many people have taken the risk of changing their jobs and even their occupations to sign up for work remotely for foreign companies and earn in dollars or euros.

And the professionals who are looking for the most opportunities of this type are the developers, because offers to work as a programmer for a Silicon Valley company are not few. These are the requirements to be hired.

Although it should not be perfect, having at least an intermediate level of English is the main requirement to work remotely with Silicon Valley startups, since It is the language with which the directors and other members of the companies will communicate from the United States, In addition, you must have the ability to express ideas, since these types of companies tend to consider the opinions of their employees.

SnapCommerce co-founder Henry Shi explains, “We look for those who can clearly articulate what they want to say, ideas and perspectives. We are looking for people who are enterprising, people who have the habit of appropriating the results, of doing the activities and of having a predisposition to action”.

As many know, the technological and startups of California and in general of any part of the North American country, are considered as new generation companies since they consider the talents and capacities of the people, but not, the university degrees that they may have.

That said, the second requirement needed to work as a programmer from Latin America for a company established in the United States is have significant experience in the creation of applications, management of programming languages ​​and computer science.

Diego Sicilia, talent acquisition specialist at Terminal, a company dedicated to connecting Latin American developers with foreign companies, says that he recently received a food chemical engineer who worked for many years in a brewery, but that in the end he decided to change his occupation to now be a programmer. “He had about three years of experience working in small product development companies, which helped him land a job with an awesome client,” adds Diego.

Having exposed the two most important requirements to enter a Silicon Valley company, it is worth mentioning a special recommendation when being summoned for an interview.

The aforementioned company explains to Infobae that the best thing to do in an interview with a technology recruiter is ask everything you need to know more about the organizationthe functions to perform and all other doubts that arise. He also suggests asking the following types of questions.

– What is the structure of the engineering and product teams?

– What is on your product roadmap for the coming quarters?

With all this, in addition to being fluent in English and having experience in programming projects, the quality that all recruiters from technology companies in the United States are looking for the most is proactivity, well Working remotely demands a higher degree of organization and the ability to solve problems.

To this Duncan McDowell, Vice President of Engineering at Bungalow, states that “You have to go a little further in taking initiative when you are in a remote team to make a difference. Also I seek to identify if the person knows the balance between solving something for himself and asking questions”.

Summarizing this, Terminal explains that if you do not have the experience to apply for a remote vacancy with a Startup, you can get it through the following actions.

– Investigate which programming languages ​​are most requested from their developers by the companies to which they wish to apply, and learn about them.

– One way to gain experience is collaborating on emerging ideas as a product manager or QA, since many times the contractors want to see specifically what projects they have been part of.


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