Ximena Capristo and Nazarena Vélez starred in a tense crossover when remembering an old fight

Ximena Capristo Y Nazarene Velez They coincided in a TV program, where the journalist Guido Zaffora asked them about their fights. Although initially They denied having faced each other, they ended up starring in a tense crossing.

It all happened in the air JUSTICE (America), while both artists discussed the clashes in the cast of Gerardo Sofovich. Vélez and Capristo remembered those times, and Zaffora wanted to know “why they hated each other”. Both denied it outright, although after a few seconds they began to take off the “rags in the sun”.

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Without mincing words, Capristo accused the producer of having “downloaded” her from a show. Far from calming the waters, Vélez did not deny it: “It could be… If you made my life impossibleIt may be that he said he didn’t want to work with you.”

However, the former Big Brother He denied having made his life “impossible”, but Nazarena did not accept it. “Okay, you were quite conch…”He launched.

Ximena Capristo’s version of her confrontation with Nazarena Vélez

Invited to the cycle led by Ángel de Brito, Capristo pointed out that everything happened several years ago when Nazarena had just separated from Daniel Agostini and was on the crest of the wave.

Ximena Capristo confronted Nazarena Vélez and accused her of having "gone down" of a program.  (Photo: File)
Ximena Capristo confronted Nazarena Vélez and accused her of having “downloaded” her from a program. (Photo: File)

“She liked the press so much, like Wanda (Nara), so she went on Monday, she sat in intruders Y He said we had stolen his clothes. ‘They stole my panties when I had to go out to parade’”, he sentenced. And he assured that for that supposed episode, she and Eliana (Guercio) were removed from the cast of Don Mateo’s hairdresser.

In her defense, Nazarena remarked that she never invented things: “If I said it, it was because they really did it to her.” In addition, mischievously, she finished: “And you liked the press just like me, with the difference that they called me to all the programs and you not so much. But you’re not going to tell me that you didn’t like it, or that you’re the one with the low profile because I shit… laughing here.”

Nazarena Vélez’s version of her confrontation with Ximena Capristo involving Barbie Vélez

In turn, Nazarena said that she did not remember having dropped her from a program, but admitted that it was not impossible because she “chose who to work with.” “If they kicked you out, it’s because I had the power,” she added defiantly.

Nazarena Vélez claimed Ximena Capristo for a retro tweet.  (Photo: Instagram / nazarenavelez)
Nazarena Vélez claimed Ximena Capristo for a retro tweet. (Photo: Instagram / nazarenavelez)

Then, she admitted that she had her reasons and recounted an episode that he never forgave. I was doing Single party with Barbie (Vélez), Paula (Chaves), Pedro (Alfonso) and Gustavo (Conti)”, he said by way of context.

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“She retweeted a thing she said ‘Negra, aren’t you afraid that Gustavo is with so many cats… with Paula, blah and with the smallest kitten?’ Speaking of Barbie she was 17″, she recalled indignantly. “She retweeted it and said no, but I I grabbed Gustavo and told him ‘your wife is an idiot’”, he concluded.

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