Zara reveals some of the top trends for next fall

It is a bit difficult for us to say it, but we believe that, little by little, we have to assimilate that, sooner rather than later, summer will come to an end to give way to autumn. And, although it is true that in the autumn months we can still enjoy days with good weather, like summer, there is nothing. So that you are not caught off guard and without your wardrobe ready, we recommend that you go around the clothing stores in the shopping center to go picking up clothes for the next season.

To make it easier for you and for you to go to the shot done, we have taken a tour of the websites of our favorite fashion stores, as is the case with zara, to guess what will be the clothes in trend for the coming months. As we have already told you on other occasions, for us Zara is our temple of fashion, since they are always the first to bring out the latest news of the moment. For this reason, we have prepared this article for you in which we will tell you what the Autumn trends according to Zara. Keep reading if you want to be among the first to have your wardrobe ready for the next season.

Autumn trends according to Zara

With autumn just around the corner, it is time to review what the trends for next season are going to be so that we are not caught off guard or, much worse, so that let’s not run out of those star garments that are sold out in a matter of minutes and then it is mission impossible to find them for sale again. So that this doesn’t happen to you and you can have the closet ready For the moment when temperatures drop and autumn knocks on the door with no turning back, we leave you, below, what will be the autumn trends according to Zara.

Trends for this fall, photo: ©Zara

The catwalks, and the Zara website, are already speaking for themselves and revealing many garments and styles that look like they are going to be the most wanted novelties of next autumn. So that you are up to date and not caught by surprise, we have compiled what we believe will be the most famous trends of the autumn months:

1. Vibrant colors like pink or green

We love that colors as striking as pink or green continue to be in trend in autumn because in these months of the year the temperatures drop, we begin to have fewer hours of sunshine and the rains begin to make an appearance and a little color in our day to day will come in handy to keep your energy and spirits high.

2. The 2000 tank top is back

The typical racerback tank topin the purest sporty and casual style, which we wore so much during the 2000s, he has said that he wants to be part of our lives again and we are very happy with it since it is one of the basic garments of all life that has always made us more liked, for how comfortable it is and how easy it is to combine it. hits you with everythingwith more casual or more formal looks and at any time of the day, morning, afternoon or night.

3. Shoulders off that the bandot neckline has arrived

As you can begin to see in the windows of the most famous fashion stores, the bare shoulders will not be just a thing of summer and in autumn we can see many t-shirts on the street, even long-sleeved, with which you will show off your shoulders, and the rest of the tan that you still have from the summer as well. You will see this trend everywhere with the name of “bardot neckline”.

4. Goodbye blazer, hello vest

Ok, it is not a final goodbye to our beloved soul blazer that we like so much and that we use so much, especially when it starts to cool down, but a very direct competitor has emerged and it is the classic vest, come on, a full-fledged but sleeveless classic blazer and with a V-neckline, a very classic garment but at the same time very modern and chic.

5. The boyfriend, the autumn cowboy

There are many jeans, but few like the boyfriend. This type of jeans is a essential in any wardrobebecause, in addition to being very easy to combine, it is very comfortable thanks to its main characteristic, it is width from hips to ankles. You can wear them with sports, flat ankle boots, high boots, it admits any type of style.

6. Shoulder pads to power

It seems that the shoulders are the protagonists of the next season, because if before we talked about the new trend of wearing them uncovered, now we tell you that you are going to see many garments with shoulder pads to highlight ityes These shoulder pads are in the purest style of the 80s, years in which they became very fashionable and now they want to repeat the same success. You will see these shoulder pads in all kinds of garments, from dresses, t-shirts, jackets, etc.

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