Züleyha, Bitter Land: the actress from Gülten abandons fiction forever

Sunday, August 21, 2022


A new character will leave fiction “Zuleyha” This week on Telefe. It’s about Gülten who won the hearts of fans since the first season of the soap opera “Once upon a time Kukurov“, as is the original name.

Currently the series travels a path in which deceit, ambition and betrayal are combined all the time. Züleyha is about to marry Hakan, who she thinks is called Mehmet, while a new figure has joined to instill fear and hatred: Hasmet Çolak.

Throughout this scenario, pain will shake everyone with the death of Gülten, who is one of Züleyha’s most beloved employees. Last week, this character was the protagonist of a series of very strong moments. The young woman, who is married to Cetin, confirmed with the gynecologist that she was pregnant. In one of the most emotional scenes, together with him they heard the heartbeat of the unborn baby and dreamed of having him in her arms.

However, that will not happen and the trigger will shake all the fans. It is that the end will be very tragic and suddenly, surprising everyone in Cukurova. How will it be? We will have to be attentive to the chapters that are seen this week on Telefe.

Gülten in the series is played by actress Selin Genç who, after leaving fiction, published an emotional post on social networks. For this she used the structure of poetry verses and rhymes.

The post:

“You are a woman as big as a white hand and with eyelashes until morning. Neighbor of some trees and similar to
a flower Yes, the job ends like this.

You are a good person. You have a song, a hope. You’re cute, you’re a girl. You are at the window with your hair down. They obviously love you.

As the ships age and the sea ages, dear Gülten, yes, it’s time to say goodbye…

I received the best news of my life the day I found out I was part of this family. Gülten, who believed in me and helped me start my business life with the job I dreamed of when she was a young woman who had just thrown her hat off. Many thanks to our dear producers Timur Savci and Burak Sagyasar and Tims Productions, who have trusted me.

Who is Selin Genc?

Selin Genç, who played Gülten in Çukurova, was born on June 26, 1994 in Istanbul. After completing her education at Isik University, Industrial Engineering department, the young woman also studied acting at Dilek Sabanci State Conservatory Theater department.

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