Züleyha Tierra Amarga: advance in images of the chapters of the week

Monday, August 1, 2022


Love and ambition will intertwine this week in “Once upon a time Kukurov“, the Turkish fiction of the evenings of phone whose name in Argentina is “Zuleyha“. The plot will go through complex situations that will surprise the followers from the beginning to the end.

In last Friday’s chapter, Lütfiye learned that Ali Rahmet was assassinated and that Abdülkadir’s hand was behind this act. For this reason, he ended up in the hospital and this generated a new dispute between Fikret and Hakan (who calls himself Mehmet).

As a result of this, Fikret got into a fight with Hakan again and Züleyha had to separate them. This made her put the negative look on the young Fekeli while the opposite happened with the one in love with her.

This week Zuleyha You will go through a situation of confusion around your heart. It is that Hakan (who he still believes is called Mehmet) will continue on the path of conquest and will give him the first kiss. For his part, Fikret will be confused by what is happening to him with Züleyha and will not know what to do.

At the beginning of the week, Züleyha will ask Fikret for explanations about the reasons that lead him to act as he has been doing. “Maybe I struck the first blow but he started it when he suddenly came into our lives,” Demir’s brother will explain.

Given this, Züleyha will clarify: “I’m tired of talking about this all the time. I’m not interested in either of them. They can do whatever they want.”

However, when Hakan confronts her to find out what she really feels for him, the answer will surprise her. “Züleyha I want you to tell me the truth. What you and I have, does it matter to you or does it mean nothing to you?” Hakan will point out.

For his part, Fikret will feel distressed by everything he is going through with Züleyha and will ask Cetin for advice: “Should I tell Züleyha about my feelings?”

Far from all this, Fikret will fall into Abdülkadir’s trap. It is that one of his men will record with a video camera an action of the young Fekeli who will later play against him.

Far from it, Züleyha will accept an invitation from Hakan (who she thinks is called Mehmet) and both of them will have a romantic night out. The looks will come together on more than one occasion and the love will flow from her? From him? or of both?

The next day, a new cross between Fikret and Hakan will spawn. It will be in Züleyha’s office, but this time something will happen that will especially shake the young Fekeli, who will be left with no possibility of action.

What Lütfiye learned about Ali Rahmet’s death burns inside him and he will want to tell Züleyha, however Abdülkadir’s trap will seek to stop this. The woman with Bëtul will fall into another trap of that man that will leave everyone amazed.

On the other hand, encouraged by Lütfiye, Fikret will go to ask for Bëtul’s hand. Mindful that he could forget, Züleyha will buy him the bouquets and presents that the young man and her aunt will bring him as a sign of interest in the bride. However, in his heart there are no feelings for this young woman but for the lady of Cukurova.

Away from all this, Abdülkadir will once again make a move, but this time against Züleyha. To do this, he will send one of his men to enter the Yaman mansion and when no one notices him, he will enter the room of Cukurova’s lady while everyone sleeps.

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